LAN RI Participates in PKN Benchmarking in Facing the Global Crisis

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LAN RI Participates in PKN Benchmarking in Facing the Global Crisis

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Jumat, 12 Mei 2023
Future: Part in benchmarking activities in Sydney from 8 May 2023 to 12 May 2023.

SYDNEY | The delegation of the Republic of Indonesia's State Administration Agency (LAN) consisting of 37 people led by the Main Secretary of LAN Reni Suzanna, Deputy for Organizing the LAN Baseng Competition, LVI Class Guardian Dr Makhdum Priyanto, took part in benchmarking activities in Sydney from 8 May 2023 to 12 May 2023.

There were 31 participants in Level I PKN Class LVI 2023 from various ministries/agencies and local governments, one of whom was the Head of the Center for Legal Information (Kapuspenkum) of the Attorney General's Office Dr. Ketut Sumedana.

On the first day upon arrival in Sydney, the RI LAN group was received by the Indonesian Consulate General for New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia in Sydney. In this activity, the participants gained an overview of investment and trade as a whole in Australia.

Furthermore, the participants also had a meeting with the Director of the Indonesian Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) Sydney Haryo Yudho Sedewo and the Director of the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Sydney Christophorus Barutu.

During the meeting, the participants got an overview of investment policies and regulations in Australia, as well as trade between Indonesia and Australia, where the Indonesian market is so potential with a large population that it becomes Australia's export market.

On the other hand, Australia is also pursuing food imports from Indonesian SMEs that compete with other Asian countries, namely Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, including the need for skilled workers as part of the investment in Australia.

Then on the second day, the participants were divided into two groups where the first group visited the Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade of the New South Wales Government, and the second group visited Destination New South Wales.

From the meeting, it was conveyed that there were ease of procedures and licensing including the provision of incentives for investors to Australia, especially in Sydney, where all regulations are determined by the state so that the regulatory process becomes faster and more precise, in the interest of protecting investors.

"From the benchmarking results, a general picture is obtained regarding the ease and provision of incentives to stimulate investment in the state. The making of regulations does not reach the federal state and it is sufficient that all of them are completed in the states, making it easier for investors to manage them," said Head of the Indonesian Attorney General's Office Legal Information Center Ketut Sumedana, Friday (12/5).

Apart from that, investment is also carried out by taking into account safeguarding domestic production, human resources from abroad are given special space, namely having special expertise.

In facing the global crisis, Australia is a country that has abundant natural resource (SDA) potential, and provides opportunities for foreign investors to compete in natural resource exploration so that they can collaborate with local investors.

All investment opportunities are also carried out with digitalization which facilitates all requirements, but must also consider sustainable and environmental aspects. The lesson from this benchmarking is focus and collaboration in achieving organizational goals. (Ril)