Manan Isda: Creativity "FASHION WEEK" on Jalan Kota Bireuen, Where is the Wrong?

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Manan Isda: Creativity "FASHION WEEK" on Jalan Kota Bireuen, Where is the Wrong?

Sabtu, 30 Juli 2022
Picture: Manan Isda,
Observer & Care for Development Bireun (Aceh)

BIREUEN (Aceh) | Responding to the excitement, the picture of stylish young people in the Zebra cross, Bireuen Regency City demonstrating "Fashion Week" Received positive, negative responses to reprimands from various parties including regional leaders "Where's Wrong?? That's Generation Creativity, Saturday  (30 July 2022)

Manan Isda, Observer & Cares for Bireuen's Development responded, Fashion Week is one of the creativity of the young generation in the field of fashion, choosing the location of the show also greatly determines what is being exhibited, it will be easily exposed and become a current trend in producing fashion works.

Regarding the Fashion Week demonstration at Zebra Cross City, Bireuen Regency a few days ago which was carried out by a group of local Mall workers, "Yes, that's normal." What's the problem...? Because Bireuen is us, said Manan

Picture: Sunday July 23, 2022

"This is the phenomenon of life today, Bireuen is synonymous with the name City of Commerce even though what is developing is not Commerce. But "Lifestyle" Where one's creativity is like in the Big Cities of the Capital.

Moreover, this lifestyle continues to innovate towards Digital Modernization." It's normal for the citizens of Bireuen to be surprised when the Melinial Action held Fashion Week around the street in the middle of the capital city, which is being crowned as the city of Santri. Are their actions considered guilty...?

If you can answer honestly, where does the creativity of young people go wrong...? speaking of Shari'a violations, what is being violated ..?

They are not naked in public, if it invites traffic jams, it may be, because the activity is doing shows in the public road area." That's just a concern.

It is necessary to be firm about this, so that it is not considered a laughing stock for people related to this problem.

It is only limited to providing feedback and input for all of us, especially the attitude and policy makers, where such things are not new phenomena or mistakes,

Respond to the creative attitude of our youth wisely and responsibly, if deemed necessary, please provide input and guidance if the attitude is positive.

So that our way of guidance and reprimand can be a benchmark to give birth to their creative ideas in the future without ignoring local attitudes and wisdom. As in fact, Aceh Province is a country with Islamic law.

Sorry for this response, it does not mean supporting the activity in question, but only providing the best input for the good of all of us, Manan Isda,
Observer & Care for Development Bireuen said. (*)