Tactics for Designing Political Parties Towards Simultaneous Local Elections in 2024

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Tactics for Designing Political Parties Towards Simultaneous Local Elections in 2024

Minggu, 31 Juli 2022

Photo: Arifin Mubin, Deputy Chair of Politics, Law, Human Rights and UU PDI-P Bireuen Regency

ACEH (Bireuen) | The momentum of the Democratic Party which is highly anticipated by a large number of parties in preparation for the simultaneous regional elections in 2024. Political parties must pay attention to the condition of the party so that it does not miss the 'Lifeboat' when the coalition axis is formed, Sunday (31 July 2022)

"The smell of the political party movement ahead of the simultaneous local elections in 2024 is getting warmer, the desire to win the democratic party is getting stronger. Various efforts are being made in preparation, be it building a party, to designing a political map,

No exception", whether it's coalition parties, candidates and so on, of course it has been designed and planned well in advance. It seems that some of them don't want to be left behind, "said one of the PDIP cadres, Arifin to reporters when met at the DPC Secretariat PDI P Bireuen Regency.

Arifin assessed that working for a party requires a mechanism that is very necessary to be carried out by every party administrator and member in order to determine their maneuvers to face the 2024 regional elections.

These maneuvers can certainly have political implications in the 2024 General Election. For example, "If a political party dares to announce the candidate that will be promoted, it will automatically lock steps against other parties, both in terms of acceptability or electability that other parties may not feel. .

Where it happened, when one of the major political parties announced their 3 (three) presidential candidates to the public. Through the steps taken to make the party more attractive, so that other parties are 'visited'

This will also create a derivative situation that there are two "poles" for the 2024 election, namely PDIP and Nasdem.

"Although the strategies implemented by political parties also calculate the interests of winning the legislative elections, it cannot be denied,

Every party is legitimate to build a coalition, but the formation of an ideal coalition should need to be calculated beforehand, Is the name being carried worthy and able to have a positive effect on the party.

"Because the candidate will directly affect the electability of a political party, as is called the Tail Effect," If the chosen candidate is right, then the party carrying the electability will also be splashed.

"Perhaps the hope is to get a greater electoral blessing, thus enabling them to win in the upcoming 2024 simultaneous regional elections," he said.

Deputy Head of Politics, Law, Human Rights and Law said. (*)